Georgetown Divide Ready by 21

Mission Statement

Our mission is for all youth to be thriving, responsible and productive citizens, skilled workers, and lifelong learners who are connected to their local and world communities.


Youth Development

Youth development is the practices that help youth thrive. When young people feel invested in by the adults in their life, they develop a sense of belonging and value to others. Youth who experience greater supports and opportunities are more engaged in school, show more pro-social behavior and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.


Core Beliefs

All Children and youth can succeed and be Ready By 21

All youth can build the competencies, values, and social skills needed for a successful transition into adulthood.

Success requires early and sustained investments

Communities must invest in their children and youth from birth to age twenty-one. Children require ongoing nurturing, supports and opportunities to build the assets necessary to be Ready By 21.  Exposure to positive experiences, places, people, and opportunities to gain life skills will get them there.

Some families need extra support

Every child is unique, and some have special or unmet needs.  Children, youth and their families who face additional challenges such as disabilities, poverty, troubled family situations, discrimination or traumatic events require extra assistance in addressing these circumstances.


Everyone in the community has a role

Children and youth do not travel alone to adulthood. Families, friends, neighbors, teachers, and other adults become their community and influence their journeys. When we make positive investments in children and youth, we reap the rewards of an engaged, committed, connected and supportive community that continues the positive cycle.

Child development is multi-dimensional.

We develop in stages. Children and youth who are engaged and supported in each stage, learn critical skills that help prepare them for the next level.


Coloma River Run | Supporting Youth

The Coloma River Run fundraiser will raise money to fund Youth Development programs for Black Oak Mine Unified School District Junior and Senior High School Students. This includes sending 10 youths to Leadership Training Camp in partnership with the Divide Rotary Club.

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